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Accessories for Shellbot robot vacuum cleaners
SL60 AI Robot Vacuum
Accessories for Shellbot robot vacuum cleaners
SL60 AI Robot Vacuum


Why does the robot vacuum can not start cleaning?

1. Fully charge the machine before use
2. Check whether the wheels are stuck or there are other alarm failures.
3. Check whether the App is properly connected to the machine


Why can the robot vacuum not be charged?

1. Ensure that there is enough space around the charging base, and there is no dust or blockage on the electrode surface of the charging base.
2. Check if the machine can be turned on normally
3. Disassemble the battery and check whether the battery is faulty


The robot failed to connect to the App

1. Make sure the machine enters network distribution mode
2. Ensure that the home network supports 2.4GHz
3. Make sure the home Wi-Fi account and password are correct
4. Place the robot close to the router
5. Make sure the robot and the charging dock are within a good Wi-Fi signal area; Follow the steps described in the user manual to reset the Wi-Fi; Then try again.


Unusual noise during cleaning

1. Check whether the fan has abnormal noise or stuck by other objects
2. Check whether the main brush is stuck with objects
3. Check whether the side brush is entangled by debris
4. Check whether the wheels are jammed by rubbish
5. Check whether the front wheel and the scraping skin rub the ground to produce abnormal noise.

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